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Adam is an energetic, smiley, positively crazy 15-year-old. Unfortunately, he cannot be fully happy due to becoming sick with a severe and rare Recklinghausen disease, also known as type 1 neurofibromatosis.

The boy was born with several birthmarks on his body (he currently has about 40), decreased muscle tone, flat feet and knee valgus. Rehabilitation recommended by specialists did not bring the expected results, and numerous medical consultations did not answer the question of what was actually going on with Adam. It was not until October 2016 that the correct diagnosis was made.

AAdam has serious problems because of memory loss, he loses his balance, which results in numerous falls, he suffers from photophobia and frequent severe headache. The results of the CT scan of the spine revealed numerous clusters of neurofibromas, so he underwent the necessary surgery in a clinic in Zakopane – a vertical stabilizer was inserted (the tumors were not removed, as they entwine the spine close to the spinal cord). Neurofibromas wreak devastation in the body, including the head and eyes, hence the enormous risk of optic glioma.

In 2020, Adam was transferred to the University Hospital in Bydgoszcz, to the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. There, treatment with Selumatinib (Koselugo), unfortunately unavailable for children in Poland, was proposed. However, the drug can be imported from the USA – currently it is the only chance to stop the development of the disease and hope for a normal life!

The cost of treatment is enormous – monthly therapy is PLN 80,000 and must last approximately 3 years to be fully effective, which in total amounts to approximately PLN 3,000,000.

The family is not able to collect such an amount on their own, hence the warm request: invest in Adam’s future! Every penny matters. It is possible that someday he will also be able to help others – we believe that good returns with redoubled strength!


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If you want to help Adam in his fight for life, you can make a donation to the account of the Słoneczko Foundation or through the Siepomaga Foundation:


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